Spices industry waits for sops from the Centre’s economic package

Truman Slate

The spices sector is wanting at a favourable announcement from the Finance Minister pertaining to the reimbursement of financial loans, specially for SME sick units that arrived less than the NPA web.

Despite a selected demand in the sector, Kishore Shamji of Kishor Spices pointed out that labour lack and deployment of limited office environment team — in line with the government norms — is posing a significant dilemma for spices manufacturing firms.

He said that there was a rise in pepper arrivals to the sector on Wednesday, as farmers have been liquidating their inventory to repay their financial loans.

Pepper arrivals to Kochi was 38 tonnes primarily from Wayanad and the Significant Ranges. But the rates was was down by ₹1 for each kg at ₹308 for ungarbled varieties thanks to much more arrivals.

The sector, he said, is probably to carry on on a regular manner with minor

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