South Asian Climate Forum sees normal monsoon this year

Truman Slate



The sixteenth session of the South Asian Climate Outlook Discussion board (Sascof) that achieved as a result of movie-conferencing has said in its South-West monsoon outlook (June-September) for this 12 months (2020) that rainfall for the season as a whole is most most likely to be regular over the area.

Previously mentioned-regular rainfall is most most likely over the South ― mainly the islands of Maldives, Sri Lanka, Lakshadweep, Andaman & Nicobar and elements of southern and coastal elements of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and some parts of the North-West (most of South and Central Pakistan). Across the international border, the rainfall would be regular over Rajasthan and Gujarat in India.

Fewer weak rainfall parts

But the seasonal rainfall over land about the North Bay of Bengal (Coastal Odisha, adjoining Coastal Bengal and Bangladesh) and some parts in the severe North of the area is most most likely to be

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