Temporary, ‘locum tenens’ physicians are filling gaps left by the physician shortage

Truman Slate

The use of non permanent doctors, regarded as “locum tenens,” to fill staffing shortages proceeds to be common, according to a new survey from national doctor staffing business Team Care, a firm of AMN Healthcare.

The 2019 Study of Non permanent Medical doctor Staffing Traits suggests that 85% of hospitals, healthcare groups, and other health care services used locum tenens health professionals in 2019, generally to retain solutions until finally long lasting doctors are located, and to fill gaps prompted by turnover.

Locum tenens doctors are filling openings that past from a few days to over a 12 months when health care services look for tricky-to-find most important treatment doctors and professionals. They also can be used to fill in when health care services knowledge turnover on their healthcare staffs — an celebration designed additional very likely by the increasing work of doctors by hospitals and other health care services.

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