Will delayed, weak Australian monsoon impact 2020 Indian monsoon?

Truman Slate

Bushfire-ravaged and drought-stricken Australia has witnessed the monsoon set in at minimum a month powering plan, but the humidity stages have not measured up normal of a ‘classic monsoon.’

The ‘wet season’ (2019–20) has witnessed the latest monsoon onset since records commenced in 1957-fifty eight. The preceding latest onset at Darwin Airport (where, by convention, the onset is measured) was January 25, 1973.

Two flavours of monsoon

Australia and India host two flavours of the monsoon on possibly side of the Equator, a single subsequent the other. But is there an emerging chicken and egg tale here? Which comes to start with, the Australian or the Indian? A section of the scientific community thinks that the delayed withdrawal of the 2019 Indian monsoon, the most in recorded background, in the North of the Equator, has experienced a lag impact on the monsoon to its South (Australia).

So, will the delayed

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