The Boeing 747-8, Was It Worth The Wait?

Truman Slate

It is amazing how well Airbus sold their A-380 concept, as it is the biggest passenger jet built, holding the most people. In a rush to own the biggest airliner many airlines with long routes carrying lots of people, and of course designed with the perfect fleet material decided that would be the best solution. A gigantic airliner, the A380, could be fully loaded and carry as many as 4 or 5 smaller airliners all in one flight. The strategy seemed legitimate, especially for those certain circumstances, plus the prestige of having such aircraft in the fleet. Of course, all that changed when a few of the aircraft started developing “non-structural cracks” in aft wing fairings.

Did these airlines jump the gun, should they have waited for a larger 747 aircraft version which would be nearly as big, nearly the payload, but also has a strong history spanning over 4-decades? … Read More